Conservative Blogger Calls for Bush's Impeachment

LaShawn Barber has created quite the stir in her corner of the blogosphere after lining President Bush up next to the likes of Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon and calling for his impeachment.

Says LaShawn:

I believe George Bush’s failure to enforce immigration law and stop the foreign invasion, which he has the power and authority to do, warrants impeachment. Because of Bush, illegal invaders are emboldened, demanding that which they have no legal right to obtain.

While the invasion has caused incalculable physical and economic harm to legal citizens, the president proposes to offer amnesty and allow the harm to continue. To the detriment of those he swore to protect, Bush chooses instead to protect those he has no duty to protect. His actions are in violation of the Constitution.

There’s a whole lot more where that came from — check it out.