Students, Faculty Protest Condi's Graduation Visit

A small contingent of anti-war liberals at Boston College is upset Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is this year’s commencement speaker.

On Monday, a group of 200 students and faculty members held a rally protest against the secretary’s visit, according to the Boston Globe.

“Some wore white armbands that read ‘no honorary degree’ under the word ‘war’ surrounded by a red circle with a slash through it. They listened to nearly 20 professors and students who spoke out against the war and the college’s decision’s to ask Rice to speak,” reports the Globe.

Among those protesting was former B.C. professor Mary Daly. But, this wasn’t Daly’s first confrontation with the school’s higher-ups as noted in the article. The feminist theologian’s earlier fight concerned her “refusal to admit men to her classes,” according to the Globe.

”It is traumatic for me to be here," she told the newspaper. ”It’s the first time I’ve come to campus since they kicked me out in 2001. But I’m here because I am so angry. My anger brought me here."

An angry feminist … is there any other kind?

The article also notes that faculty members have sent a letter to college president, the Rev. William Leahy, asking for Rice’s invitation to be rescinded. However, Leahy is reportedly standing firm on the school’s choice of commencement speaker.

Rice is scheduled to speak at the May 22 graduation and receive an honorary law degree.