A Motley Crew

Yet another leftist has decided to challenge Sen. Clinton this November.

Howie Hawkins of Syracuse is one of the national Green Party’s founders, and he will make the second contender for the state’s Green Party nomination; Sander Hicks is the other.  Steven Greenfield used to be running for the Green ticket, but recently changed to the Democratic party, and Mark Greenstein is a self-described right of center Democrat, but he does have a “Green” in his name.

Tom WeissJonathan Tasini and Socialist Equity Party candidate Bill Van Auken round out the list of loony libs that want to beat Hillary at the ballot booth in six months.  And let’s not forget Libertarian Jeff Russell, who just won his party’s nomination, and who is, like the above (except for Greenstein), an anti-war candidate.

As for Hawkins, the most recent entry, he at least has some experience running for office, running for mayor of Syracuse in 2005 (where he won about 5 percent of the vote) and also for New York’s comptroller in 1998, both under the Green Party. One thing all of these nobodies have in common with GOP candidates Kathleen McFarland and John Spencer is that none will be able to hold Hillary below 65 percent.