Students Want Graphic Art Exhibit in NYC Park

A group of art students are upset their exhibit is now closed.

Last Thursday, New York City park officials shut-down an exhibit titled "Plan B" set-up at the Brooklyn War Memorial by a group of Brooklyn College Master of Fine Arts students, according to the Associated Press.

The students "demanded" the exhibit be reopened and claimed their First Amendment rights were being violated.

According to the AP, "The exhibit contained watercolors depicting gay sex and sculpted male genitalia illuminated in a box. Another work featured a white pet rat. The city Parks Department said an agreement with the college stipulated that art exhibits at the memorial be ‘appropriate for families.’"

Angry students spent the weekend protesting in front of the memorial’s locked doors. "The building near the Brooklyn Bridge is city-owned" and the exhibit was closed after city official received complaints, reports the AP.

On Sunday, the students released a statement saying, "We were never made aware of any agreement between the NYC Parks Department and the Brooklyn College Administration regarding any restrictions on the nature of the content shown in student exhibitions in the space."

According to the article, "the students want the show reopened with a disclaimer to the public posted outside the memorial building or moved to a comparable venue."

The college provost has suggested moving the exhibit to campus, but the students are not satisfied with that option and will meet with school leaders today to discuss the issue, according to the AP.