Why Haven't Feminists Praised Progress of Iraqi Women?

We have now been in Iraq for three years. And yet no good news has come of our "unconscionable invasion" of a "free country" (for oil) where children went to carnivals with their parents before we started brutalizing their women and children.

That is the comment Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) made to Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation" recently. Apparently, Kerry thinks Bob Schieffer is Dick Cavett and it is still 1971. Those American GI’s just never seem to be able to act as humans. If Kerry had his way, military recruitment literature wouldn’t say, "Looking for a few good men," but rather, "Looking for a few good murderers, rapists, and torturers." Kerry and Dennis Kucinch can then chat over some caviar and contemplate why we don’t seem to be winning the hearts and minds of Al-Jazeera viewers.

In light of this so-called "War for Oil" that is lambasted by everyone from braless 50-year old hippies to radical militant feminist, gas hovers around $3.15 per gallon. Hmm, isn’t that interesting? A "racist war for oil" has produced no oil for the U.S.! While the media’s "America is the most horrible nation on earth" mantra has managed to convince New York and San Francisco of this falsehood, the war was in reality the fruit of a desire to rid the world of all terrorists.

David Beamer, who lost his son Todd on United flight 93 on September 11, 2001, wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed that for him, the War on Terror is personal. Regarding the war in Iraq, Mr. Beamer asserted that while Saddam had no connection with the 9/11 hijackers, he was still a notorious terrorist, and thus needed to be deposed as part of our War on Terror. Simply, Saddam was of the same maniacal mindset of al Qaeda members who killed 3,000 innocent people almost five years ago. It’s about time somebody used the "guilt by association" philosophy for good in this world.

America’s biggest export is not Buicks, but has always been freedom and democracy. While liberals now construe the War on Terror as further evidence of America’s barbaric imperialism, there used to be a time when the Democrats were for ending tyranny and spreading democracy around the world. It was the spirit of democracy that led to our involvement in every single war of the 20th century, all of which were executed by Democrats. In reality the Democrats have not loss their fervor for spreading Democracy; rather, the followers of Truman and Kennedy are now known as Republicans

But alas, the days of Truman and Kennedy as the stars of Democratic politics are gone forever, as a result of the party’s perversion by radical extremists. An April 30 New York Times Magazine article said that according to a recent Gallup poll, Democrats were twice as likely to think the U.S. should mind its own business internationally as Republicans — except when it comes to subsidizing overseas abortion clinics. A study by the liberal Center for American Progress reported that liberals were far less interested in promoting democracy than their conservative counterparts. This is striking in that the guardian of the Left, the ACLU, is currently defending anti-homosexual protestors’ right to picket military funerals. While bigots can protest military funerals, the Catholic Church must provide health coverage for abortifacients for all of its employees.

Admittedly, no war, including that in Iraq, ever goes smoothly. Mistakes were made following the fall of the former regime. Despite our mistakes, much good has been accomplished by our men and women in uniform, most of which never makes the evening news, according to Iraqi finance minister Ali Allawi, who calls the U.S. mission in Iraq a noble and important cause. Schools are reopening, electricity is being restored, and women are making great progress socially.

Yet Eleanor Smeal and the "feminist majority" in America are notably absent in their praise for the progress made by Iraqi women as a result of our mission there. Smeal is more concerned with whether or not Pope Benedict XVI is going to change Church teachings on condoms so people with AIDS can remain sexually active. According to the feminist logic, women in Iraq have made no progress if they cannot have reckless sex and dismember unborn children.

The Bush doctrine is not fueled by greed, but by the belief that America has the moral obligation to aide those who cannot speak for themselves as a result of tyrannical despots. The Left may prefer a policy of isolation and appeasement, but if a nation envisioned as a "Shining City Upon a Hill" is not to lead by spreading the ideals that make us an example to the world, then we are indeed the most horrible, selfish nation on earth.