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Foreign Money for Bill Clinton

Date — Source of Income — Location — Amount

03/12/01 Decision Makers Interaction Maasticht; Netherlands; $150,000

03/13/01 Media Control GmbH; Baden Baden, Hausanschrift, Germany; $250,000

03/14/01 Borsen Executive Club; Copenhagen, Denmark; $150,000

05/10/01 CLSA Ltd.; Hong Kong PRC; $250,000

05/14/01 Dinamo Norge; Lysaker, Norway; $150,000

05/15/01 The Talar Forum; Stockholm, Sweden; $183,333

05/16/01 Wirstchafts Blatt; Vienna, Austria; $183,333

05/17/01 Puls Biznesu Bonnier Business; Warsaw, Poland; $183,333

05/18/01 Funducion Rafael Del Pino; Madrid, Spain; $250,000

05/21/01 Independent News and Media; Dublin, Ireland; $150,000

05/26/01 The Sunday Times Hay Festival Hay-on-Wye; England; $150,000

06/05/01 Paris Golf & Country Club; Paris, France; $150,000

06/08/01 Yorshire International Business Convention; Yorkshire, England; $200,000

06/25/01 Canadian Society for Yad Vashem; Toronto, Ontario Canada; $125,000

07/07/01 The McCarthy Group; London, England; $200,000

07/10/01 The Varsavsky Foundation; Madrid, Spain; $175,000

07/11/01 Valor Economics S.A.; Sao Palo, Brazil; $150,000

08/21/01 MIKI Corporation; Tokyo, Japan; $150,000

08/22/01 MIKI Corporation; Tokyo, Japan; $150,000

08/23/01 MIKI Corporation; Tokyo, Japan; $150,000

08/27/01 Fundacao Amando Alvares Penteado; Sao Paolo, Brazil; $250,000

09/08/01 Markson Sparks! On behalf of Moreheads Children’s Hospital; Sydney Australia; $150,000

09/09/01 Markson Sparks! Labor Council New South Wales; Sydney, Australia; $150,000

09/10/01 J.T. Campbell & Co. Pty.;Melbourne, Australia ;$150,000

10/22/01 Colonial Life Ins. Co. Ltd. ;Trinidad Tobago, West Indies; $200,000

10/25/01 Comitato per il Congresso Nazionale della Pubblicita; Milano, Italy; $350,000

10/29/01 Seeliger Y Conde; Barcelona, Spain; $200,000

11/08/01 Renaissance Calgary; Calgary, Alberta Canada $125,000

11/09/01 Pinpoint Knowledge Management, the Portables; Richmond, British Columbia Canada; $125,000

11/14/01 Galeries Lafayette-Monoprix; Paris, France; $250,000

12/10/01 Jewish National Fund; Glasgow, Scotland; $133,334

12/11/01 Jewish National Fund; Manchester, England; $133,333

12/12/01 Jewish National Fund; London, England; $133,333

12/13/01 The London School of Economics and Political Science; London, England; $28,100

12/14/01 British Broadcasting Corporation.; London, England; $75,000

12/16/01 Scherer Consulting Group and Jorg Lohr Training; Freising, Germany; $150,000

1/17/02 The Dabbagh Group on behalf of Stars Dubai; United Arab Emirates; $300,000

1/18/02 Future Generation Foundation (The Geel Al-Mostaqbal Association); Cairo, Egypt; $175,000

1/20/02 The Dabbagh Group on behalf of the Jeddah Economic Forum Jeddah; Saudi Arabia; $175,000

1/21/02 Ness Technologies, Inc.; Tel Aviv, Israel; $150,000

2/18/02 ORT Montreal; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; $125,000

2/22/02 Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China; Sydney, Australia; $300,000

2/23/02 Markson Sparks on behalf of Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital; Perth, Australia; $125,000

2/25/02 Markson Sparks on behalf of The Women and Children’s Hospital; Adelaide, Australia; $125,000

2/26/02 Australian Information Industry Association; Adelaide, Australia; $250,000

2/27/02 Markson Sparks on behalf of The Microsurgery Foundation; Melbourne, Australia; $125,000

3/1/02 Markson Sparks on behalf of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation; Brisbane, Australia; $125,000

3/2/02 Markson Sparks on behalf of The Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute; Sydney, Australia; $125,000

3/16/02 Maruri Communication Group; Guayaquil, Equador; $200,000

3/18/02 Listin Diario; LaRomana, Dominican Republic; $250,000

4/5/02 Personal Dynamics on behalf of; Montreal, Quebec Canada; $125,000

4/13/02 EPC International on behalf of Workshop Ischgl-Club of the Alps; Ischgl, Austria; $245,000

5/21/02 Global Artists on behalf of Nihon University; Tokyo, Japan; $200,000

5/22/02 CLSA Ltd.; Hong Kong, PRC; $250,000

5/23/02 dmnStrategies on behalf of JingJi Real Estate Development Group; Shenzhen, PRC; $200,000

5/24/02 Success Resources Pte Ltd.;Singapore; $250,000

5/27/02 BMW Group of New Zealand; Auckland, New Zealand; $137,500

6/6/02 Protocol Resource and Operation Devices; Dublin, Ireland; $200,000

6/10/02 Aripaeva Kirjastus; Tallin, Estonia; $150,000

6/11/02 The American University in Dubai; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; $150,000

7/6/02 Nordstom International APS on behalf of World Celebrity Golf; Stockholm, Sweden; $300,000

7/6/02 Ahmet San Productions on behalf of TUSAID; Istanbul, Turkey; $250,000

7/29/02 Toanto Hadassah-WIZO; Toronto, Ontario Canada; $125,000

10/4/02 The German Union of Small and Medium-Sized Companies; Munich, Germany; $100,000

10/05/02 Media Control GmbH; Baden Baden, Germany; $100,000

11/4/02 London Drugs Mississauga; Ontario Canada; $125,000

11/19/02 Mito City Political Research Group; Mito City, Japan; $400,000

11/21/02 Global Artists; Tokyo, Japan; $100,000

12/2/02 Value Grupo Finaciero; Monterrey, Mexico; $175,000

12/7/02 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; Lancashire, England; $100,000

12/13/02 GBD Group Rotterdam; Netherlands; $125,000

12/14/02 United Israel Appeal of Geneva ; Geneva, Switzerland; $150,000

12/15/02 RDM Group; Rotterdam; Netherlands; $250,000

1/18/03 Financial Innovations, Inc.; St. Lucia; $100,000

1/24/03 St. James Place; London, England; $175,000

4/05/03 Carribbean Council for Global Studies; Isle Verde PR; $125,000

10/09/03 Banco de Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico; $150,000

10/09/03 Verinvest S.C. on behalf of Mexico Business Summit; Veracruz, Mexico; $150,000

10/20/03 American Chamber of Commerce in Spain; Barcelona, Spain; $250,000

10/21/03 Diario de Noticias;Lisbon, Portugal; $250,000

11/03/03 Antwerp Diamond High Council; Antwerp, Belgium; $200,000

11/09/03 Jiannanchun Group Co. LTD; Mianzhun, Sichuan China; $250,000

11/14/03 Seoul Broadcasting System; Seoul, Korea; $250,000

11/17/03 Cancelled Speech to Sakura Capital Management Company, proceeds donated to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library Foundation; Tokyo, Japan, $500,000

11/19/03 Dentsu, Inc. Chubu on behalf of Aichi Gakuin University; Nisshin City, Japan; $250,000

11/19/03 Global Artists on behalf of Yamakawa Ryutsu System Co. Ltd.; Kyoto, Japan; $140,000

11/20/03 Global Artists on behalf of Arita Co., Ltd.; Fukuota, Japan; $140,000

12/9/03 MDM Investments on behalf of Maz Concerts; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; $125,000

05/05/04 Hon. Frank McKenna’s Annual Business Networking Event; Wallace, Nova Scotland; $125,000

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