Va. Senate Race Gets Out of Hand

It has become a pretty common practice for campaigns to hire a guy whose sole job is to follow the opponent and video tape him or her at campaign stops. These people are called "trackers." As long as the tracker is up-front about what he’s doing (instead of pretending to be filming a documentary or something clandestine), there is nothing wrong with this practice. In fact, in many cases, a weird sort of admiration/relationship develops between the tracker and the candidate he is tracking. However, sometimes, as is the case in Virginia, things get out of hand. In this case, the Webb campaign decided to call the cops and complain that this common practice is "harassment."

But then, they took it one step further, and decided to go after this young man in a very negative way. You see, it seems they found this blog that his girlfriend was posting (I have to assume this is legit, but who knows?). Sadly, it seems his girlfriend put some personal stuff out there on her web diary that has been discovered (reason 103 to be careful of blogs).  

(In a related story, note the picture of Rep. Mary Bono’s son from his "my space" page).

… Back to the "tracker" story: I think this is an example of a campaign going negative — except instead of attacking their opponent — they are destroying the life of a young political operative.