Professor Predicts Potential U.S. Civil War

American could face another civil war after the 2008 election according to a Harvard business professor.

"I looked at the map of the last two elections and it looks a whole lot like the map of the U.S. just prior to the Civil War," said D. Quinn Mills, Weatherhead Jr. Professor of Business Administration. "We might possibly be headed for a real crash here."

To gauge his theory, Professor Mills is conducting an online symposium [] where he asks Harvard students to participate in a discussion on his civil war hypothesis.  
The Crimson Online goes on to report that Mills believes there is a "15-20 percent confident that America could face another Civil War if the 2008 election is as closely contested as the past two."

15–20 percent… What kind of percentage is that?

That’s not a theory….that’s a passing thought (and one you let go).  

15–20 percent…?

Heck…I’m 15-20 percent sure Hillary Clinton is a man, James Carville is an alien and Michael Moore is the abominable snowman.

Mill’s online symposium titled,"Blue! Red!" creates a scenario where the defeated political party in the 2008 election chooses not to concede. Students are then ask to contemplate the prospect of a civil war ensuing.

The Crimson also reports that Alvin S. Felzenberg, a fellow at the Institute of Politics, agrees with Mill’s in that today’s "extreme political polarization" rivals that of just before the 1860 Civil War, but the article notes that Felzenberg does not think another civil war will take place.  


It’s a good thing this civil war theory isn’t getting much backing. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if it actually occurred? It would be devastating for the Left since none of them own any guns!