More Condoms for Kids

For those readers who didn’t know any better, Wednesday was apparently the fifth annual observance of National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Sen. Clinton sure as heck knew what day it was, and joined with her new "not poisonously pro-choice" ally Sen. Harry Reid in issuing a statement in support of increasing federal funding for birth control and, oh yeah, delaying sexual activity for a bit.

Said Hill: "I was proud to help create the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy as First Lady and continue to work in the Senate to advance this critical goal. In part as a result of the National Campaign, the teen birth rate has fallen by nearly a third since the early 1990s, but today’s statistics show that we still have work to do. We need to implement policies that educate and support young women so these pregnancies don’t happen in the first place. Our Prevention First bill would help reduce the rates of unintended pregnancy, decrease abortions and improve access to women’s health care."

That description sounds more warm and fuzzy that how the statement actually later describes their bill, which "would increase Title X, the nation’s only program devoted solely to making family planning services available to all women; reduce teen pregnancy; provide equitable insurance coverage for contraception; and increase awareness about Emergency Contraception."

Harry and Hillary say that we need this day now more than ever, especially in light of recent stats which show an increasing amount of unintended pregnancies. Well, maybe if they didn’t go around telling young unmarried women its okay to have sex so long as they use contraceptives, then maybe "these pregnancies don’t happen in the first place."