Coburn Brings Common Sense to Senate

"Change doesn’t happen in Washington until not change becomes more popular than change," said Sen. Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.) Wednesday at the Leadership Institute’s monthly breakfast.

The key to getting America on the right track is change, but "long run" change. Coburn said that freedom works only when "leadership has its eye on the long term."

Covering topics from healthcare to immigration to earmarks, Coburn appeals to the "common crowd" because he himself doesn’t like how D.C. politics works or the way Congress is run. He said today politics is all about getting re-elected and most public officials are selfish.

"The more you don’t care about you, the more your constituents know you care about them," said the senator.

He added: "Truth is truth and some of it’s uncomfortable, but it’s still truth."

He said politicians instead pander to self-promoting interests and chose to lie and ignore the facts. While he said the nation is on an "unsustainable course" he agrees that "everything that faces us is solvable."

Coburn made Human Events list of "Top 10 Immigration Hawks in Congress" and when asked about immigration, said "we have failed miserably," and contrary to Senate opinion, thinks the first thing to be done is sealing the border and make all those wishing to become a citizen leave the country first.

Coburn said the American citizen is smart, and the internet will be the "salvation of our country" because it eliminates the spin of TV and radio. "It is a powerful tool for people with a conservative viewpoint."

Speaking on behalf on Congress, Coburn says the bottom line is "we ought to be asking ‘what’s right,’ not ‘what’s popular.’"