Too Much Time

Time Magazine’s May 8th issue is its "100 People Who Shape Our World," and naturally Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the finalists. (See here for her very flattering photograph.) Many of these 100 VIP’s had another famous person write a brief description about them, and Hillary’s is Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina Senator is very gentlemanly in his positive portrait of Hillary, which is probably the smart thing to do since he has to work with her. And politician that he is, he managed to fit in some solid credit-claiming of his own in the short space of the approximately 270 words he wrote ("I have found common ground with her on improving health-care benefits for members of the National Guard and Reserve. We also created a bipartisan Manufacturing Caucus to help promote and address the problems facing America’s manufacturers.").

Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain, who is widely considered Hillary’s likely and most formidable Republican opponent in 2008, also made Time’s list. And just like when The New York Times Magazine published a bizarre photograph of former Virginia Governor and strong HRC opponent Mark Warner, Time published a very strange picture of McCain, whose mug is so close to the lens you can count virtually every pore on his nearly 70-year old face. He kind of looks like your earnest but crazy uncle.

For those who are keeping count, this is the second time in the last few weeks that Time has praised Mrs. Clinton, as she was just named one of the magazines’ "Senators to watch," along with Sens. McCain and Graham. Maybe somebody should tell Time there are 97 other U.S. Senators to write about. It is still possible for Time to name Hillary as the "Best Senator of the First Six Months of ’06," or dedicate an entire issue to her in December as its "Woman of the Year."