Shocking Study: Professors Give Bush a Failing Grade

President Bush is a failure according to most college history and political science professors across the nation.

I’m shocked!

The Siena College’s Research Institute’s study goes on to say that most of those professors surveyed doubt the president "has a realistic chance of improving his rating" before his term ends, according to an Associated Press article.

"While time is needed to fairly and accurately gauge how well any president ranks with his predecessors, George W. Bush starts with a ranking that could hardly be lower," said Thomas Kelly, professor emeritus of American studies at Siena, located in the Albany suburbs.

President Bush faired much better in a 2002 Siena poll where he ranked No. 23 among all other U.S. presidents, reports the AP.

"That was shortly after 9/11," said Douglas Lonnstrom, a statistics professor and director of Siena’s research institute. "Clearly, the professors do not think things have gone well for him in the past few years."

According to the AP article, "Prof. Lonnstrom noted the professors surveyed are those who ‘teach college students today and will write the history of this era tomorrow.’"


Maybe that’s how it was in the past professor, but that’s not how it is today. Liberals no longer have a stranglehold on the media, and the conservative campus revolution is only getting stronger.

College professors may use their classrooms and textbooks to teach that George W. Bush was a failure, but they better be prepared to face an onslaught of questions and comments from conservative students who are no longer afraid to challenge liberal academia.

Not to mention, professor, Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives [] will be watching and waiting to report on any liberal indoctrination that takes place within America’s institutes of higher learning.
The AP reports that the survey was sent to 2,800 history and political science departments across the country. "Fifty-eight percent said that if the Bush presidency were to end now, it would rate a failure while 24 per cent said it would rate below average."

Two percent said it would rate as "great" while another 5 percent said "near great." Eleven percent said the Mr. Bush presidency would rate "average."

In response to the survey, the AP reports that White House spokesman Peter Watkins said, "The President does not govern by polls. His agenda is to continue achieving results [for] the American people."

Right on!