Oppressive Toilets???

Officials at the University of Colorado — Boulder charge that the school’s bathrooms are discriminatory because the facilities do not welcome transgendered people, reports the Daily Camera. One student, Bryce Abelson, who says he’s not a male or a female but a "gender queer," feels uncomfortable using the men’s or women’s bathrooms.

If the "Transgender-Gender Queer" task force at UC-Boulder has its way, new bathrooms will feature signs with a "hybrid icon, with half of the figure wearing a dress and the other half wearing pants."

The school’s women’s studies program recently sponsored an attorney, Dean Spade, to come discuss the evils of "sex-segregated" facilities. Spade’s claim to fame is producing Toilet Training, a documentary that "addresses discrimination, harassment and violence that people who don’t fit into traditional gender roles face in sex-segregated bathrooms."

Why is UC-Boulder flushing tax dollars down the toilet with such trivial matters? Or better yet, how has academia survived for so long with such insensitive, homophobic, and intolerant Johns?