College Speaker Urges 'Department of Peace'

A community college in Michigan welcomes an author who wants to form a "Department of Peace" within the United States government.

Jackson Community College is co-sponsoring a speech by Marianne Williamson later this week where she’ll offer up her ideas on a national peace department according to The Jackson Citizen Patriot.

Williamson says, "Given the extreme level of violence on our planet, it is time to expand our thinking to pro-actively plan and strategize peace." She also notes that a peace department "would be so helpful because it would give international heft to government strategizing for peace."

Williamson, the author of nine books, will host her own show on XM satellite radio in September as part of "Oprah and Friends" reports the patriot.

"As she travels the country, Williamson said she has heard complaints about power being taken away from U.S. citizens, such as through the Patriot Act, but ‘we have a lot of power we don’t use,’ she tells the Patriot. Williamson goes to say, "We are living in an era in American history that will be looked at as the ‘age of distraction. But I also believe after 9/11 there is an emotional sobriety in the air of American society and is very positive. Sometimes if we don’t know what to do it doesn’t mean we don’t care about a problem."

Bob Lewis, president of the Peacekeepers group — the other group co-sponsoring Williamson’s speech — says that Williamson "is an absolutely captivating speaker who has brought a psycho-analytical perspective to religion that helps people better understand their spirituality."

With all due respect Ms. Williamson, it’s not the United States that needs a "Department of Peace." You’re wasting time talking about such things here in America. Instead, you should be pushing your "peace office" in countries such as Libya, Iran and North Korea.
Heed the lessons from World War II. Countries that seek to preserve peace while mad men roam the earth are only fooling themselves and endangering the lives of millions. Evil does exist in this world and as crazy as it may sound, sometimes the good guys have to fight in order to maintain the peace.

America already has a "Department of Peace." It’s called the "Department of Defense."