Building Memories

If you haven’t read it already, check out Terry Jeffrey’s article "Big Leagues Meet Big Government." He asks, "We build beautiful stadiums in America today, but are we building beautiful memories to hold in them?"

I recently bought a pair of $7 high-altitude tickets to the Nationals’ second home game. The idea was to show my sports-obsessed seven-year-old that watching ant-sized players from the upper deck in right field could be 90% as enjoyable as sitting nearer the field, yet cost only 20% as much. As he pointed out later, I was 100% wrong.

Our seats, it turned out, were directly in front of a pack of foul-mouthed fans. Before the game began we fled about thirty seats towards center field. As if on cue, a cluster of drunken Mets fans found their seats in front of us. In between beer runs, their contribution to building memories that fine spring day was to yell "You [expletive deleted]" and "[expletive deleted] you!" They even advised Pedro Martinez on pitch placement: "Hit him in the head!"

Today the sports cathedrals we build are missing the carved stone symbols and stained glass narratives. They don’t suggest heaven, but rather another place, as the gargoyles who have come down off the walls [expletive deleted] remind us.