Professor: Intelligent Design is Religion Masquerading as Science

A zoology professor at Oregon State University is against teaching intelligent design in public schools.

Professor Stevan Arnold, an evolutionary biologist, tells the Gazette-Times that intelligent design is a dressed-up version of creationism. "It’s packaging religion as science. The scientific community sees intelligent design as a hoax, an attempt to trick the public into believing religion is science when it’s not," Steyan said.

The OSU professor is delivering a speech today titled, "Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Biology: When Worlds Collide."
According to the article, Arnold believes intelligent design "draws support from Protestant fundamentalists who read the Bible literally."

"If you ask most of the world’s religions how they feel about evolution, there’s no problem. Protestant fundamentalists, however, conflate science and religion. They see evolution and most of science as being on a collision course with their faith," said Arnold.

The Gazette-Times notes that Arnold believes life on Earth began about 3.5 billion years ago and that man evolved from apes. The article goes on to say that "Arnold has no problem with private schools teaching intelligent design, but he doesn’t think the theory belongs in public schools" because it would result in costly lawsuits and confuse students.

Wait a minute…now I’m confused.
Arnold thinks it’s okay to teach intelligent design in private schools but not in public schools. Well, either it’s acceptable or not professor. To claim that intelligent design would confuse students in some schools yet at the same time to not contest the theory’s teaching in other schools is a rather "unintelligently designed" argument.

Arnold further divulges his ignorance by telling the paper, "Intelligent design is religion masquerading as science."

So, the good professor thinks religion has no scientific input…allow me to mention a few scientific facts God knew and mentioned in the Bible long before scientists every discovered them:  

Job 28:25: "To establish a weight for the wind, And apportion the waters by measure."

Although Job knew air had weight thousands of years ago, scientists only realized it within the last 300 years.

Isaiah 40:22: "It is He who sits above the circle of the earth…"
Isaiah new the world wasn’t flat thousands of years before Columbus and the Chinese set sail.

The list could go on (suggested reading), but for now, maybe Professor Arnold should take some time, sit back and "evolve" his theories.