Pork: The 'Other White Meat' Still a Congressional Favorite

House members are voting  this week on requiring lawmakers to attach their names to pork-barrel projects, in an effort to hold them publicly responsible for the earmarks, (otherwise known as "those hometown projects slipped into spending bills") they continue to pile up in droves, according to the Associated Press.

As the AP article points out, Congress is finally wising up to the fact that voters oppose all this runaway spending — but even then, they haven’t stopped attaching earmarks to bills — just cut back a little.

Lawmakers say voters are getting sick of all this pork; there’s even a recent poll that says reforming earmarks is the most important issue facing Congress. Could it be that politicians are losing their appetite for the other white meat?


The House Appropriations Committee reports it has received 21,863 project requests from lawmakers. That’s about 50 each for 435 members and a few nonvoting delegates. Still, it’s progress. Last year, the panel got 34,687 requests.

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