Gov. Huckabee Makes Inroads in Iowa

Sure, the Iowa Caucus is a long way off, but it’s never too early to speculate: My sources on the ground tell me Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is making major inroads in Iowa.  

…And this is consistent with what National Journal‘s Mark Ambinder recently wrote:

“(Huckabee) is the race’s only credible evangelical Protestant in a state where Christian conservatives generally dominate the caucuses. And his outreach to these activists and to key Iowa GOP insiders is more broad and deep than has been reported. With denominational lines breaking down, his Catholic outreach will be decisive. He’s fantastic on the stump, too.”

I’m hearing his compassionate conservative message resonates well with Iowans. If that’s the case, this could be very good news for Huckabee — and/or Sam Brownback.

Huckabee is also apparently tight with Governor Vilsack (both are governors and they share an interest in the topic of diet and exercise.) It will be curious to see what this friendly, but bi-partisan, relationship might mean as ’08 approaches.

Lastly, it appears the Iowa press can’t get enough of him. I’m told his press coverage in the state has been spectacular.

We shall see how this develops…