Disturbing Signs of the Times

Michelle Malkin has some great coverage on her blog of different disturbing signs spotted around the country yesterday during the big ‘May Day’ boycott by immigrants.

One sign is especially disturbing to me:

(Originally posted on Slapstick Politics and taken in Denver.)

It reminds me of what one of the protestors said at the big rally in Washington, D.C. three weeks ago. "Una America!" he yelled at me while marching around the national mall, as I previously reported:

When asked to explain he said that the entire American continent should have an open door policy — from Argentina all the way up. "There’s only one America," he shouted. He also offered to let us come to Mexico.

Gee, thanks. I’m planning to vacation there later this year but…

The problem is, as my friend in Miami brought up yesterday, these illegals keep marching around demanding "rights" they don’t even have. And in Mexico, these "foreigners" wouldn’t even be allowed to protest. ("Foreigners may not, in any manner, involve themselves in the political affairs of the country." Mexican Constitution as of 2002.)

And besides that, the uniqueness of this country and all that makes it worth coming to would be destroyed if the laws of the land were overruled by the wants of the continent.