Restaurant Chain Alters Menu, Supports Boycott

A restaurant chain with locations in six states and the District of Columbia decided to reduce its menu offerings and give the day off to its Hispanic employees in a show of support for today’s illegal immigrant boycott.

Daily Grill, whose motto is “For great American food … Think Daily,” made a company-wide decision to become politically active in the immigration debate. The chain has 21 restaurants, including 14 in California.

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Its restaurant on 18th and M Streets in downtown Washington displayed a large sign in its front window (see photo) explaining the decision to go with a reduced menu today.

“In support of our valued Team Members, this Daily Grill location will be offering a limited menu on Monday, May 1st,” says the placard. “We apologize to our Valued Guests for any inconvenience.”

Mark Cantarella, general manager of the downtown Washington location, told HUMAN EVENTS the restaurant would probably take a financial hit as a result of its decision. But Cantarella said he had heard little negative feedback about the decision.

“The customers have been very supportive,” Cantarella said. “Especially in D.C., with a relatively politically educated clientele, everybody was very understanding. We just wanted to make sure we did the right thing for our staff.”

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Cantarella said 11 staffers did not work the lunch shift today. He was still unsure how many workers the restaurant wouldn’t have for its dinner shift.

“Anyone who wanted it off, we gave off today,” he said. “We pretty much worked with management people today.”

Although Cantarella said he heard little negative reaction about the decision, he acknowledged that the company would suffer financially as a result.

“It’s definitely going to have an impact on our sales and the amount of money we make,” he said. “But there are days when you have to look at a bigger picture than just how much money we are putting in our pocket today.”

Daily Grill is a member of Grill Concepts family, which also owns The Grill on the Alley, which has a famous location in Beverly Hills.