Hillary Beats Other Chicks

Hillary won a recent online poll conducted by The White House Project, which is a Washington-based women’s advocacy group that is dedicated to putting a woman in the White House, and which is by most accounts just a front group for a Hillary presidency.  

The White House Project, it may be remembered, is also the group that enthusiastically supported ABC’s "Commander in Chief." The informal poll listed eight women — Mrs. Clinton, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Jackson, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, Maine Sen. Susan Collins and Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Of course, the main winners in this unscientific survey were Hillary and Rice, who are probably the best known of the group — by far.  

And sure enough, Hillary garnered 43% and Rice 29%, with the rest of the ladies each getting no more than 6%.