College Radicals Take to the Streets

An anti-war march in downtown Manhatten ends-up supporting peace, Communism and illegal immigration.  

The Columbia Spectator reports that "tens of thousands took to the streets" on Saturday calling for peace and withdrawal from Iraq.

According to the Spectator, the following organizations rallied for the "Peace and Justice Festival": United For Peace & Justice, the National Organization For Women, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Veterans For Peace, College Democrats, Campus Antiwar Network, and various other campus organizations.

But, from what I read, the protest was much more anti-American than anti-war.

One group’s banner read "Parents, teachers and students united to smash capitalism." They shouted, "Exxon, Mobile, PB, Shell! Take your war and go to hell!" The Spectator notes that, "After yells, whistles, and drumming, they continued, ‘The only solution is a communist revolution!’"

Another group called for "Money for Education, not War." "S??­! Se puede! We will end this war," a protester yelled to a contingent of immigrants’ rights activists. She added "Bush, you are finished," in Spanish.  

According to the article, "The largest contingent appeared to come from unions and workers’ rights activists. ‘Working people have no nation,’ cried one such group. ‘Asian, Latin, black, and white workers of the world unite!’"

While the last line in the Spectator’s story notes "another antiwar protest is planned" in a few weeks, I’m still not sure this "protes" was "anti-war" as much as it was anti-American.