K.T.: I Won't Be 'Cat-Fighting' With Hillary

GOP Senate hopeful Kathleen “K.T.” McFarland recently spoke at Columbia University put on by the school’s College Republicans.  There she portrayed herself as a lamb among political wolves, saying that she will not engage in “mud-slinging” as a candidate.

This is a recurring theme in her campaign thus far.  Saying she is above the fray, McFarland told her audience that such partisan debate “turns everybody off.”

K.T. dashed the hopes of millions of red-blooded Republican men everywhere when she declared, “I have no interest in … cat-fighting with Mrs. Clinton.”

Then, sounding a bit like Sen. Clinton, McFarland said that she believed that numerous mistakes had been made by the administration during the war in Iraq.

McFarland also touched on another long-running theme in her campaign, the fact that she is liberal on social issues, including abortion.  She said that abortion is “an issue that everyone needs to wrestle with on their own conscience and with their own family.”

Then she said solemnly that “I was alive in an era before Roe v. Wade.  That is not an era we want to go back to.”  Chances are that over 40 million unborn children aborted since 1973 wish they were conceived during the pre-Roe era.