Hill Gets Mad About Spending

On Wednesday the Senate voted to shift nearly $2 billion worth of funds from a $107 billion "emergency" spending bill, which includes funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina relief and other high-cost programs.

Although the measure passed by a 59-39 vote, Sen. Clinton was very upset by it, despite the fact that a few short days ago she said she wanted to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

"We shouldn’t be cutting funds for our troops in the name of border security," said Hillary. “I find this a false, cheap choice to score political points.”

Senate Republicans proposed the 3% across-the-board cut in spending as part of a program to get fiscally responsible, but Hillary was having absolutely none of that. “We had a surplus five years ago,” she bellowed on the Senate floor.  “We were fiscally responsible, but the combination of this White House and this Republican majority has blown all of that to smithereens.”

But when push came to shove and she had a choice for a more fiscally responsible vote, she chose the bloated spending bill, prompting Sen. Lamar Alexander (R.-Tenn.) to note: “When she got to the end of her speech, she volunteered to be on the list of big spenders.”