Kudos From Time

In what could hardly be described as a shocking development, Time magazine has deemed Hillary as one of its senators to watch.  Labeling her an “up-and-comer,” she was recognized along with four of her fellow first-termers, including one who some pundits believe would make an ideal running mate for her possible 2008 race, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). 

Said Time: “The record of candidate Clinton may be controversial, but in her six short years New York Democratic Senator Clinton, 58, has earned respect from both parties. Assigned to the Armed Services Committee, she has mastered issues like how to retain Guard and Reserve troops, pushed through legislation educating military families on insurance scams and funded measures to help supply flu vaccine. She has also leveraged her national clout to spotlight important terrorism issues with narrow followings–like the vulnerability of nuclear plants.” 

Her spokesman, Philippe Reines, said modestly that “Sen. Clinton is always honored when her hard work day in and day out for the people of New York is recognized in such a fashion.”