Her Political Goodwill Overfloweth

According to the latest FEC reports, in March Hillary gave out approximately $213,000 to her Democrat colleagues in the Senate, House and in the key early caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as other key states. 

In political terms, this is known as laying the financial groundwork for a presidential run, and she has been doing this for months now. 

Hillary spokeswoman Ann Lewis said that the donations were merely meant to help candidates in key election battles around the country, and that the Iowa and New Hampshire donations were just to help Democratic candidates for governor in 2006. 

HILLPAC’s most recent largesse included $5,000 each to the Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic Parties, as well as the same amount the state parties in Michigan and Arizona.  In addition, she gave $15,000 each to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the DNC. 

Hillary donated the maximum amount of $10,000 to Rep. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Harold Ford, both of whom will be trying to win a Senate seat in 2006.  She also gave new-New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez $10,000, and contributed $5,000 to Senate allies Daniel Akaka, Diane Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, Bill Nelson and Debbie Stabenow.