Clooney Makes Bipartisan Pitch for Darfur

George Clooney is using his fame to draw attention to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

"It’s not easy to do. … I’m not a legislator or a politician; I just try to use the credit card you get from being famous in the right way."

Clooney was just in the country five days ago with his father, Nick, and is now calling for action from Congress, the American people and the press, to which he said needs to give this issue more coverage.

Today at the National Press Club, Clooney, along with Senators Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) and Sam Brownback (R.-Kan.), talked about the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act (S. 1462), which both senators are co-sponsoring. It calls for a new UN Security Resolution, imposes sanctions against the government of Sudan, requires reports to Congress to include the individual sanctions and calls for the suspension of Sudan’s UN membership.

Clooney has released a video of his trip and hopes people will act. Clooney insisted this is not an issue of politics; “it’s not about left and right, conservative or liberal points of view. It’s only about right or wrong."

More coverage of the event is on Wonkette. Click here see pictures.