McCain Buys MI GOP Friends-Update!

The Michigan State Republican Party’s blog that bragged last night John McCain was giving them at least $100,000 to dish to their local chapters took down their link to the piece, but under "Articles of Interest" there is still this item:

"Chuck Yob, Holly Hughes and Amb. Ron Weiser announced that Senator John McCain’s PAC, Staight Talk America will be donating well over $100,000 in Michigan, somethingto EVERY district, county and local party organization across the state…..Thank You!!!

I also  got outside confirmation the Michigan Republican Party is accepting McCain’s money from an email to party members sent by Michigan Republican leaders Chuck Yob and Holly Hughes, that I copied and pasted below.

April 26, 2006

Thank you to those of you who participated in the conference call yesterday!

Several weeks ago we put in a request to Senator John McCain’s
Straight Talk America PAC for contributions to local parties in
Michigan to help us win elections in 2006.  We believe that financial
resources are best spent on building a grassroots base for our party.

For those of you who could not make the conference call yesterday, we
announced that this request was granted.  Straight Talk America is
giving financial contributions to every county party and district
committee in the state.  This is an unprecedented level of support for
the grassroots of the Michigan GOP.

Senator McCain has visited Michigan several times in the last year and
raised a tremendous amount of money for candidates across the state.
We greatly appreciate his support and look forward to a strong
grassroots Republican Party largely because of his efforts.

Chuck Yob and Holly Hughes
Republican National Committee Members