Deconstructing The Enigmatic Man

Yesterday’s Washington Post had a piece on Claude Allen and his alleged fraud charges. The article chronicles Claude’s carrier and strives to explain the ‘contradiction’ of a black man working with Republicans — especially conservative Republicans. At one point the author asks, "Did Allen snap after decades of operating outside the African American mainstream and often in concert with figures, like Helms, viewed as hostile to black interests?"

Apparently, the author is proposing the hypothesis that Allen woke up one day and discovered he was a black man working for the enemy and in order to realign himself with the "African-American mainstream" he became a thief.

The bigoted condescension in this statement is outrageous and incredibly these words appear on the pages of one of the nations leading newspapers. Where are the Huffington Post and the NAACP when you need them? (I checked both websites and found no comments regarding this article.)

You can read the whole article here.