There's Snow in the Air in Washington

If the reports are true from Fox News and the Drudge Report, talk-show host Tony Snow will be named press secretary tomorrow. Coming on the heels of our editorial last week endorsing Snow, we’re obviously thrilled about the news.

Liberals are already foaming at the mouth. David Brock’s Media Matters is attempting to smear Snow, hoping some liberal reporters in the White House press corps will follow his lead.

National Journal’s Hotline On Call has some inside information:

Quietly, researchers at the White House have examined hundreds of Snow’s radio show transcripts and newspaper columns. They expect the White House press corps, in news articles and at early briefings, to publicly vet Snow, confronting him with his past statements. After the initial frission … opinions differ.

Our own White House correspondent John Gizzi will have a full report tomorrow on the Gizz-ette. Stay tuned.