'The Dean's' Alma Mater Limits Free Speech

Ohio University is limiting where students can and cannot practice their Constitutional right to "free speech." (As a graduate of this liberal institution, I’m really not surprised.)

According to The Post Online, OU is creating a "consolidated list" of "free speech zones." While the article suggests this master list will make free speech zones more accessible to student protesters, it’s important to point out that school administrators are, at the same time, restricting free speech.

The Post reports that these designated areas on campus allow for free speech without disrupting the learning environment.

Correction: radical liberal educators across OU’s campus have already disrupted "the learning environment" by turning their classrooms into personal political ads for their Marxist agendas. So, while "free speech zones" are billed as polices protecting the learning environment from disruptions, the only real protection they offer is to the liberal indoctrinator who uses his/her free speech to distort information and pass it off as education.
Moreover, in true Marxist fashion, Ohio University is manipulating the language so not to alarm the public. How? The school does not use the term "free speech zone" for its on-campus spaces according Terry Hogan, Dean of Students, who is cited in the article.
"If you want to plan an event to share a message or display materials, there are places that are available for that, spaces that are less likely to be interruptive of the university," Hogan said.
But, even the president of OU’s College Democrats recognizes the harmful impact of "free speech zones." Mark Gaffney explains to The Post that such policies limit access to the student population.

"It is necessary to engage people in the political process; that’s what the democratic practice is all about," Gaffney said.

While colleges and universities need to ensure quality education, "free speech zones" are certainly not the answer. Unless, of course, those areas where "free speech" is restricted include classrooms where professors preach instead of teach.