No Lucky Breaks for Poor Little Cynthia McKinney

Poor little Cynthia McKinney never seems to get the lucky breaks anymore.

First, an evil white police officer doesn’t recognize her with the new ‘do so she has to slam him in the chest with her cell phone. Then, on top of that, she is forced to apologize because of all the negative press she gets and the lack of support from ANY of her Democratic colleagues. Then, to top it off, she has to field questions about the whole humiliating ordeal during her first press conference back in town — the nerve of those nosey reporters wanting her to speak out about it!

After experiencing such a difficult trial, it was only natural that the congresswoman would forget to take off her microphone following the press conference, right? Rushing out of the press conference no one should have ever heard her mutter under her breath that Coz, her aide, was a total ‘fool’ for not warning her about what kind of questions she would have to field. How could she have guessed folks would still want to get the scoop on her run-in with police?

But don’t worry, mustering together every bit of dignity little Cynthia had left, she marched back into the conference room and fixed everything by explaining that anything they had heard was "off the record."

Ian, at, has the video for your enjoyment.