Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

In what James Lewis (via Michelle Malkin) notes is the fourth Cintonista National Security Council (NSC) member (Joe Wilson, Sandy Berger, Richard Clark) to have been caught working against the policies of the current administration, fired C.I.A. analyst Mary McCarthy is sitting back while surrogates start the media spin that she’s not guilty of leaking classified material to news organizations. As Jim Kouri reports at The Conservative Voice, McCarthy admitted having contacts with the press and discussing classified information after failing a polygraph test, but despite this, a slew of defenders have stepped forward to spin the story to her advantage.

Not surprisingly, Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) is leading the defense of McCarthy, telling George Stephanopoulos on ABC This Week on April 23, that he’s "glad she told the truth…” and noted also that “There are other larger issues here.” Larger issues? Like treason, perhaps? Interestingly, Miss Mary made a $2,000 contribution to Kerry’s failed 2004 presidential campaign so it’s easy to see where her political affiliations are.

McCarthy, however, just might be the tip of the iceberg. A counter-terrorism official has told Newsweek magazine that her dismissal does not necessarily mean that she was the only source of leaks at the C.I.A.