Liberal Professors Bring in the Big Bucks

Multiple choice test.

How much money does the average liberal professor at Harvard make in a year (I mean, nine months)?

A. $60,000
B. $100,000
C. $130,000
D. $170,000

According to the Boston Business Journal, the answer is D.

Within the Greater Boston area, Harvard and MIT pay the "highest average salaries to their full professors." The Journal points to a survey conducted by the American Association of University Professors that found a salary of more than $168,000 going to the average Harvard educator and more than $140,000 paid to the average MIT instructor (again "full professors").

And, when it comes to average salaries paid to educators across the nation, the liberals at Harvard finish second to Rockefeller University, reports the Journal citing the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Now, even though "the national average pay for all faculty increased by 3.1 percent," the AAUP says "average salaries declined 0.3 percent when adjusted for inflation," according to the article.

I guess that means students will see a rise in tuition prices next year in order to offset the "real dollar" loss. Moreover, isn’t ironic that some of the most vocal critics of American capitalism (Ivy League professors) are the ones who greatly benefit from it?