HotAir: The World's First Conservative Internet Broadcast Network

Liberal broadcasters beware: You no longer have the monopoly on video-broadcasting via the Internet. Earlier today blogger Michelle Malkin, along with other conservatives of the blogosphere, joined forces to announce the launch of the world’s first Conservative Broadcast Network:

According the press release, HotAir’s features include a daily newscast with Michelle Malkin, staff blogs with videoclips and headlines, affiliates from across the globe and right-leaning movies, podcast and animation.

Michelle’s newscast will definitely be the biggest draw:

Hot Air’s ground-breaking, irreverent daily video newscast, "Vent with Michelle Malkin," tackles media sacred cows and left-wing shibboleths — harnessing the best blog reporting and analysis across the Internet. Today’s inaugural newscast skewers U.S. high-tech titans kowtowing to China’s tyrants.

The new venue doesn’t seem to be having any trouble attracting advertisers and support either:

Hot Air exposes new viewers of all political stripes to the world of videoblogging, animation, and podcasting. The network has signed on independent affiliates from Paris to Washington, D.C. Advertisers have lined up; Hot Air has already sold pre-roll video ads through the first week.

As the press release proudly notes, "This is not your father’s nightly news."