Another Brick in the Wall

Last month Hillary said Republican efforts to reform our nation’s immigration laws would "criminalize" Jesus himself. Now she tells the New York Daily News that she wants to stem the tide of illegal immigrants by erecting a wall along our borders, reinforced with surveillance drones and infrared cameras. That’s not exactly something the Good Samaritan would do, is it?

Said Hill: "A physical structure is obviously important," and "would be appropriate" in certain areas.

But she doesn’t just want any wall, like the one proposed in the dreaded House bill H.R. 4437, which proposes to simply finish building a 14-mile wall by San Diego. No, she wants a wall that goes even further, one that can’t be climbed over or tunneled under — "smart fencing."

According to Sen. Clinton, "There is technology that would be in the fence that could spot people coming from 250 or 300 yards away and signal patrol agents who could respond."

She even admitted that Israel’s own wall, which was built to keep out terrorists, could be used as a model by the U.S. in building our own barrier. Hillary, it might be remembered, is a big fan of the Israeli security fence, calling it a "a nonviolent response to terrorism" and "a legitimate response by a sovereign nation to protect its citizens."

The senator’s usual allies on this issue are upset by Hillary’s hard-core stance. Gouri Sadhwani, executive director of the New York Civic Participation Project and La Fuente, laments that "[t]o see the senator from New York, which is clearly an immigrant state, take a position that harsh is not the real solution. The flow of undocumented immigrants into our country will not be stopped by putting up a fence along the Mexican border." Another betrayed supporter, Chung-Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition, said that he "was a little shocked by what she said," and added that Hillary’s plan to secure the border with some sort of barrier is "really wishful thinking."

But luckily for Sadwhani and Hong, Sen. Clinton was careful to qualify her support for such border control by combining it with some sort of legalization process for the 11 million undocumented aliens already here. In other words, amnesty.