University Holds Gay Graduation

So here’s the headline I read on the University of Minnesota’s website: "U of M to hold ceremony to honor graduating GLBT students and Breaking the Silence recipients."

The special event is officially titled "Lavender Graduation and Awards Ceremony," and it’s where Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) students "will don purple mortarboards and rainbow tassels for a graduation ceremony like no other at the University of Minnesota," according to the article.
The occasion is described as a "cultural celebration" and GLBT students and students who are allies of GLBT people will be recognized for their academic achievements and their contributions to the university.
Umm…I just wonder if the school would be as supportive of a special graduation ceremony for religious students who advance Christianity on campus. I hope they would. I have no reason or evidence to believe that the University of Minnesota would object to such an event.

My only fear is that more schools like Ohio State University at Mansfield exist across the nation. You know…where "sexual harassment" claims against homosexuals are actually entertained by administrators when someone (or in the OSU Mansfield case "some book") promotes a message in contrast to the homosexual agenda.
It should be noted that according to the school’s website, the University of Minnesota’s GLBT Programs Office is sponsoring the gay graduation and awards ceremony.


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