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I Love High-Speed Internet

After five days without my cable modem (an inadvertent accident in the backyard that I won’t even try to explain), we’re cruising along at high speed again at the Bluey home. Being that I do most of my writing when I’m NOT at work, it’s been a difficult week getting much accomplished these past five weeknights.

It’s also taught me how much I’ve come to appreciate high-speed Internet. I can’t imagine going back to dial-up—this past week I was using my Verizon Broadband Access PC card, which is tantamount to dial-up.

I want to apologize to all of our readers who didn’t get their normal dose of content this week, especially on our Right Angle blog. Our team still produced a ton of great material, but you can call me a slacker for not posting as much. It’s nice to be back in business, firing on all cylinders again.

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Mr. Bluey, a contributing editor to Human Events, is director of the Center for Media & Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation. He maintains a blog at

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