Conservative Campus Paper Controversy

Northeastern University is troubled by a new conservative newspaper on campus.
The first issue of the Northeastern Patriot was published on Monday, but the conservative editor-in-chief tells The Boston Globe he soon received a call from university "cautioning" that the publication must register with the school before distributing more issues.

According to the story, Northeastern University requires groups with ‘Northeastern’ in their name to register as student organizations.

That’s ridiculous!
Did the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have to register with city because its uses the name "Pittsburgh"?

If a group of students living on the northeastern side of campus formed a study group and called themselves the "Northeastern Study Buddies." Would they have to register with the school?

Does the Weather Channel have to make application to the university since their meteorologists use the phrase "Nor’easter"?

The Globe reports that "the first issue of the Northeastern Patriot featured editorials denouncing illegal immigrants, quotes from Republican leaders, and a picture of students at an antiwar protest titled, ‘peace Nazis.’ A note in red at the bottom of the front page warned: ‘This publication is printed for a conservative-minded audience and is not recommended for the easily offended, the narrow minded, or the faint of heart. God bless America!’"

The article reports that staff members of the Northeastern Patriot worry that school officials are "singling them out" because they print views that are "unpopular on a campus."

The editor-in-chief claims "other students distribute pamphlets and newsletters around campus promoting gay awareness and antiwar events without interference by the university," according to the Globe.
However the article notes that administrators say they "don’t object" to the paper’s content and that the school’s "media board" has "reached out to them." Laura Shea, a university spokeswoman, said ”They want them to be included."

Good. Then get it done!