Policy Disasters Cost Karl Rove His Role

Word is circulating in Washington that Karl Rove is being reorganized out of his new duties overseeing policy development in the White House. This could well be positioning to show Karl his way back to Texas. Somebody has to be the “fall-guy” for the November election debacle that is brewing for the Republican Party.

We have written earlier that the second term of Bush 43 is shaping up to be a “Harriet Miers Presidency.” We have seen one policy disaster after another come out of the White House since the second inaugural.

What the policy disasters seem to have in common is desire by the White House to move to the political center. Karl Rove has long been a proponent of increasing the Republican majority by carving increasing percentages of African American and Hispanic voters from the Democratic Party. The problem is that the conservative base that voted to re-elect President Bush in 2004 is completely turned off by centrist politics.

  • First, there was Harriet Miers herself, a nominee who legitimately could be classified as a crony whose career had demonstrated no distinction whatsoever in constitutional law. Even her conservative credentials were questionable, though she did a good job as a Texas Lottery Commissioner making sure the lid stayed on the Ben Barnes pay-off scheme. Conservatives wanted conservative justices nominated for the Supreme Court. Giving up a seat to Harriet Miers seemed incompetent, even if the move was taken to reward a loyal servant.
  • Then, we had the Dubai ports disaster. To make matters worse, the President’s knee-jerk reaction was that he would use the first veto of his administration to make sure Dubai got the deal. Conservatives questioned in reaction, “What about the budget deficits? Why don’t you veto something there?” But the President held his ground and managed to do something we never thought possible. The administration conceded the high ground on the only remaining issue the President seemed able to hold, the War on Terrorism. Even worse, Hillary got the chance to charge ahead, managing to sound like a hawk determined to defend America.
  • Then we had the State of the Union address and the President told America we were addicted to oil. What happened to drilling in the ANWR? Mexico has announced a second major oil find in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, Fidel Castro announced he was going to drill in the Gulf only a few miles off our Florida shores. Wasn’t President Bush once an oilman? Suddenly Bush 43 was spouting more biofuel maxims than even Al Gore was capable of inventing. Conservatives were further perplexed, “How about global warming, Mr. President? Do you think that’s our fault too?”
  • Now we have H.R. 4437, a bill coming out of the House that actually talks about enforcing border security. What does Bush 43 do? The administration rolls out more speeches about “guest workers.” Conservatives scratched their heads, “Mr. President, Americans will do any job needed. Remember, we’re the guys who won World War II. Do we really need all these illegal immigrants, just to mow our lawns?” Anywhere you cut it, “guest workers” amount to “guest amnesties.” To make matters worse, thousands of illegal immigrants took to the streets sporting Mexican flags.
  • How about Iran? Secretary of State Condi Rice and UN Ambassador John Bolton have been set on a fool’s errand at the United Nations. Russia and China are never going to vote sanctions for their new ally Iran. Meanwhile, President Ahmadinejad announces to the world that Iran has managed to enrich uranium, in record time, far quicker that the administration’s always faulty intelligence experts predicted. Behind Ahmadinejad making the announcement were dancing Iranians, prancing around with cloth banners and metal vials of uranium hexafluoride gas. Ahmadinejad continues to say he will wipe Iran off the map, while Bush 43 continues down the negotiation primrose path, something only Secretary Albright would think makes sense.

Bush 43 and Karl Rove have evidently failed to understand a critical point about the Reagan Revolution. Newt Gingrich brilliantly mobilized the conservative movement by being willing to boldly embrace conservative positions. That is what the famous Contract with America was all about.

If anyone in the White House thinks that middle-America is ready to accept a Bush — Clinton dynasty, they are wrong. Sure, the concept is clever–– Bush 41, then William Jefferson Clinton, then Bush 43, to be followed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, then maybe Jeb, followed by Chelsea.

There is only one problem. True conservatives still react to the mention of Hillary’s name as they react to the sound of fingernails scraped on a blackboard. A move to the center is a bad idea, almost as bad as squandering the Republican majority. Unless, of course, the real agenda is to relocate Karl Rove back in Texas, then the “Harriet Miers Presidency” might make some semblance of sense. Pretty soon conservatives are going to be ready to see the whole crew move back to Texas, taking Harriet along with them.

One last request, please: If Karl Rove does get sent back to Texas, could he take the wood chips and the switch grass with him?