Earth Day Update

Colleges and universities continue to foster radical environmentalism, as I began to report last year. I find particularly problematic the self-admitted activism movement of ecofeminism that is taking root on campuses. This University of South Carolina syllabus says, "Ecofeminism is both a political movement and a diverse and emergent body of academic theory." The course discusses "connections between the domination of women and the domination of nature" and establishes how ecofeminism "is distinct from other areas of the radical environmental movement." Notice how ecofeminism is distinct from "other areas" of radical environmentalism and not distinct "from" radical environmentalism.    
As I stated in last year’s piece, there is nothing wrong with studying how our Earth works or how it has changed through history. In my view, the problem occurs when radical leftist activism is linked to theory and examined in coursework, therefore legitimizing it and giving students credit without presenting other theories critical of the ecofeminism.  
Other colleges offering ecofeminism courses include Rice, Skidmore, Iowa State, Western Washington University, University of North Texas, Bucknell, Oregon State, Macalester College, and others.  
When was the last time a course in free market theory discussed the importance of defending private property? When was the last time a course was devoted to free market environmental ideas at all? I’m not sure, but it does a disservice to students when they learn radical ideas without balance.