Phony Flag Waving in American Cities

Why is it that the left always denounces people on the right for "wrapping themselves in the American flag," and is so fond of saying "patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels" — and then celebrates this same behavior when performed by illegal aliens?

Last week’s giant pro-illegal immigration rallies in many U.S. cities have got to be the greatest exercises of phony flag waving in the history of America. And newspapers like the Washington Post promoted it to the hilt, with front page pictures of demonstrators waving a sea of American flags and carrying signs saying, "We are all Americans."

It was such an incredibly obvious act of mass political cynicism. The first mass pro-illegal alien demonstrations a couple of weeks before displayed the demonstrators’ true loyalties by waving the Mexican flag. Now they all turn on a dime and there’s hardly a Mexican flag to be seen. It’s all we-love-America-red-white-and-blue. Yet the chant is still the same: "Si se puede" in Spanish, not "Yes we can" in English.

But "yes we can" what? The answer is: "Yes we can defy America’s laws. Yes we can illegally come to America with impunity. Yes we can get free medical care and have our children educated at US taxpayer expense. Yes we can intimidate politicians into giving us amnesty. Yes we can remain loyal to Mexico and pretend we want to be American without adopting America’s culture and English language. Yes we can break America apart and return the Southwest US to Mexico."

The overwhelming majority of American citizens oppose the flood of illegals streaming across the U.S. border with Mexico and amnesty for them once they are here. The latest USA Today/Gallup poll (conducted April 7-8) reveals that 81% of Americans agree that "illegal immigration is out of control," while 61% agree that "the government should make illegal immigration a crime."

Americans are coming to understand that illegal aliens from Mexico are not immigrants. They come here for jobs, not to become Americans — which means learning English and transferring patriotic loyalty from Mexico to America. They have no intention of assimilating into American culture. Rather they angrily insist on not assimilating but remaining alien.

Americans have got to start saying "Yes we can" in English: Yes we can shut down the illegal flood across the Mexican border, yes we can deny them amnesty, yes we can demand respect for American law, and yes we can keep America intact.

Ultimately, America is going to have to say "Yes we can" to Mexico: Yes we can liberate Mexico from socialism and corruption, yes we can insist upon political and economic freedom for Mexico, yes we can demand that economic opportunity be given to Mexicans so that they will stay in their own country and make a good living.

America needs to tell the ruling elite of Mexico that they will fail in its plan to recapture the Southwest United States (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Texas) that Mexico lost in the 1848 Mexican-American War. That they should seek psychiatric counseling in overcoming their inferiority complex with regard to America. That its insistence that Mexico remain a country of Third World poverty so they can remain rich will be abandoned.

The focus of the problem of "illegal immigration" should be Mexico. You would think Mexico would have learned its lesson 158 years ago that it’s very unwise to provoke America beyond tolerance. Mexico City’s ruling elite need to understand that si America puede, yes America can teach this lesson to them again.