Doesn't Harry Make Me Look Moderate?

Only Hillary Clinton would think that pairing with Harry Reid would make her look moderate. Today, the two co-authored a column about increasing government funding for contraceptives titled, “Abortion Debate Shuns Prevention” calling for lawmakers to come together and find common ground.

The piece reads, “As two senators on opposite sides of the abortion debate, we recognize that one side will not suddenly convince the other to drop its deeply held beliefs. And we believe that, while disagreeing, we can work together to find common ground.”

But, the only common ground the traditionally pro-life Reid and the pro-abort Clinton found was an agreement to throw more money at the problem, enabling more low-income women to have consequence-free sex and well, if they decide to have the baby that the government should pay for that, too.

The Prevention First Act, they are both pushing will increase accessibility, “awareness and understanding” of emergency contraception, requires sex education programs to have medically accurate information about contraception and “ends insurance discrimination against women.” 

Clinton wins because when more funding goes to increasing accessibility; more fungible money goes to Planned Parenthood that offer abortion services. Reid wins because the wanna-be moderate Hillary conceded “we should also fund programs that support women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term and raise healthy children.”

The two congratulate themselves in the column for making history as two liberals agreeing to spend more of your money. They write, “As two senators who approach this issue from different positions, we have found that we can agree on common ground that makes good sense and good policy.”

These two were never at “opposite sides of the debate. The only good policy and “deeply held beliefs” these they have ever known is that they think they can spend your money, teach your kids and take care of your body better than you.