At Tax Day Rally, Conservatives Want Taxpayers to 'Get Mad and Stay Mad'

“It is time for Americans to get mad and stay mad and to demand our money and our freedom.”

Edward Hudgins, executive director of the Objectivist Center thinks Americans are too dependent on politicians for handouts. The tax system is immoral because it makes free Americans beggars, “dependent on crumbs thrown to us by politicians,” he says.

Americans for Tax Reform held its annual tax day press conference and rally Monday to encourage limited government, lower taxes and less federal spending. Hudgins was among a several speakers on hand.

“American people have consistently shown they don’t want their taxes raised,” said host Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. But he added that “we have a less stupid government than many other people.”

Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation said in one year the government spends $23,760 per household and this is just the tip of the iceberg. He said programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will “force spending to European levels.”

John Berthoud, president of National Taxpayers Union, said he represents thousands of NTU members who are angry. They think taxes are too high and too complex.

Bill Lauderback, executive director of the American Conservative Union, added that spending has greatly exceeded tax revenue and that “Congress must wake up and realize that out-of-control spending needs to stop.”

Hudgins said the tax system destroys moral character, punishes people for being productive, and treats citizens like serfs and subjects.

“Imagine that governments limited themselves to protecting our lives, liberty and property, which would mean most of that money would remain in the hands of we the people who earned it,” Hudgins said. “Now imagine we Americans deciding how to spend our money, using it to purchase a house, send our kids to college, pay for our own health care, save for retirement. Imagine we Americans as our own masters.”