No Second Term for Ms. Prez

According to The Drudge Report, ABC’s "Commander-in-Chief" is about to be cancelled due to low ratings. If true, this ends the feminist dream of a woman president, at least the Hollywood version.  

"No one here will say publicly that it’s over," said an L.A. inside source, "But it is over."  

The network gave the show more than its fair share of opportunities to succeed, and even put it on a lengthy hiatus to give it a chance to get its act together, but to no avail. Despite its short run, Geena Davis, who played President Mackenzie Allen, managed to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her portrayal as America’s first female president. Of course, everyone in America knew that the show was tailor-made for a possible Hillary presidency, especially since Mrs. Clinton’s longtime social secretary Capricia Marshall and her former communications director Steve Cohen were prominent advisors on the show, and that Davis’s character referenced Hillary numerous times on the program.

Back when the show debuted in September 2005, feminist author Naomi Wolf noted that Hillary "must have good friends in Hollywood, because the new Woman-is-President drama, ‘Commander-in-Chief,’ could not have come at a better time — or in a better form — to pave the way for her possible ascension to the Oval office in 2008."

The creator of the show, Rod Lurie, said that "If Hillary Clinton should get the [2008 presidential] nomination, we’re all taking credit."

Ironically, the program’s first episode back from its time off is about the president’s husband groping an intern. Wonder where they got that idea?