How Pro-Illegal Alien Is the Wasington Post?

The Media Research Center’s Tim Graham has done an excellent analysis of the Washington Post’s coverage of this week’s pro-amnesty rallies. It’s posted on Newsbusters, one of my favorite blogs, and one you should have in your bookmarks.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

The Washington Post coverage of Monday’s pro-illegal-immigration rally was so massive and positive, it took time to study it all. To get a sense of how massive, let’s begin by paying attention to the resources deployed:

Number of Post reporters with immigration-rally by-lines: 19.

Number of other Post staff writers credited for contributions from across America: 20.

Number of Post staff photographers listed in photo credits: 7.

Number of stories (including the "Rally Voices" feature): 13.

Number of Post pages devoted to the rally, added together, visual estimate: 8.

Of those, number of full advertising-free Post pages devoted to the rally: 4 (3 in A section, one in Metro).

Number of photos: 26 (unless you count 11 head shots of the "Rally Voices" profiles and two standard news head shots of Congressmen, and then you’d say 39).

Make sure you read the rest of the post. Good stuff, Tim.