Liberal Professors Have Cushion Jobs

The battle for academia is going to be a tough one.

Liberal professors aren’t just going to pack-up and leave. Why would they?

First: they get to indoctrinate thousands of students each year with their social-Marxist views and agendas.

And, secondly: The life of a college professor is a breeze.

According to an article in The Arizona Republic, Money magazine and just released a list of the "50 best jobs in America."

While software engineer was at the top of the list, college professor came in second.

"It isn’t because college professors make so much money. The job has other advantages, such as a low stress level, flexibility and plenty of room for creativity. Oh, yeah, and college professors reported the lowest average number of working hours per week, 30, and the highest average number of vacation days, 31," reports the article.

The story also cites an economics professor at Arizona State University who says being a professor isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, the article also points out that the average salary for a professor comes in a little over $81,000 a year.

Yes, the battle to oust liberal indoctrinators will be a long, hard fought battle!