House Members Write Letter to Majority Leader, Demand Vote on RU-486

Forty-five Republicans and two Democrats signed a letter delivered Tuesday to the House Majority Leader John Boehner requesting a vote on Holly’s Law (H.R. 1079).

The letter states that "an immediate vote on H.R. 1079 would put the House of Representatives firmly on record as dedicated to preserving the lives and well-being of all women and to holding the FDA accountable for the manner in which it approves pharmaceutical products."

As I have previously written, Holly’s Law demands that abortion pill RU-486 be immediately suspended by the Food and Drug Administration until further reviewed, as it has been attributed to the deaths of some and severe infections of many American women, as the letter explains.

"The FDA’s highest "black box" warning label and planned workshop are clearly not protecting American women from this dangerous drug. RU-486 is the only drug produced by its manufacturer DANCO-established as a non-profit by the abortion advocacy group Population Council-which has no incentive to pull this dangerous drug from the market. The last time the FDA pulled a drug from the market over the objections of a manufacturer was 1976. It is obvious that Congress must take action in order to pull this deadly toxin from the market before more women die."

Click here to read the letter in full and view a list of its signers.

Note: the two Democrats who signed the letter were Collin Peterson (Minn.) and Charlie Melancon (La.).