Amnesty Talk Causes Surge in Illegal Alien Invasion

Amnesty, aka "Earned Legalization," aka a "Guest Worker Program" is said to be part of the solution to the uncontrolled flood of millions of foreign citizens illegally forcing their way into the United States each year.

Amnesty for 2.6 million illegal aliens in 1986 worked so well that today the number of illegal aliens in the country has risen to at least 11 million — a 423% increase in immigration crime. It’s almost like rewarding illegal behavior causes more illegal behavior.

But this amnesty will be different. If we reward the 11 million immigration criminals currently here in violation of our visa, tax, and employment laws, we are told, that will help end illegal immigration by bringing these admirable folks "out of the shadows."

Well, apparently it has brought them out of the shadows and straight into the hot desert sun of the border region. The Associated Press reports that just the talk of amnesty has caused a huge spike in border infiltration, as hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens rush to get into the country in time to qualify for all the freebies currently being contemplated in Congress.

The AP reported that Francisco Loureiro, the manager of a "shelter" providing space to people waiting for night to break into America, said that "he has not seen such a rush of migrants since 1986, when the United States allowed 2.6 million illegal residents to get American citizenship."

Occupants of Loureiro’s criminal staging area were up an impressive 33% over this time last year. One tenant, whom we’ll call "Ramirez," because that’s the fake name he will use on his amnesty application, explained why he finally decided to sneak across the border, "My brothers said there is plenty of work there, and that it looks like they will start giving (work) permits."

Way to go, John McCain! Problem solved, Harry Reid! Again it’s almost like rewarding illegal behavior causes more, not less, illegal behavior.

If this amnesty works as well as the last, and it looks like it will, we can look forward to being told in twenty years that amnesty is the only way to bring 46 million immigration criminals "out of the shadows" and into the voting booth.