Students Against Illegal Immigration Become Targets

Conservative college students against illegal immigration are coming under fire in Iowa.
According to a Leadership Institute press release, a student group called "Citizens for Tight Borders (CTB)" at Drake University has been "targeted in recent weeks by school administrators and students."

While CTB advocates legal immigration and stronger borders, the groups co-founder, Danielle Sturgis, says, "We have had our group status temporarily revoked by the university and our personal beliefs belittled by the administration."

The press release goes on to say that Drake University President David Maxwell wrote an "official memo" to members of a Latino group on campus denouncing the views of Sturgis and other members of CTB.
"I want to assure you, as the president of the University, that CTB in no way represents the University or our values as a community (I seriously doubt that they represent the views of very many on campus), and to assure you, even more importantly, that we value and cherish your presence here as members of the Drake University family," Maxwell wrote in his memo.

Steve Stockman of the Leadership Institute finds Drake’s "intellectual intolerance" ironic as he points out the school’s own Statement of Principles:

"Ideas will not be suppressed because they are presently viewed as unpopular or inappropriate by current authorities, nor will expression of those ideas be infringed because it may be perceived as harmful to a particular group or organization."

In the "official memo," reference is also made to a national organization unaffiliated with CTB known as Americans for Legal Immigration (ALI):

"It is clear that the rhetoric of CTB and ALI, as well as the fact that specific ethnicities and nationalities are the target of their efforts, are antithetical to the public commitment of Drake University to be a supportive and welcoming environment to a diverse population."

William Gheen, president of ALI, requested Maxwell retract the statement. But the press release adds, "Maxwell has no plans to retract his statements, according to an article in the school paper, the Times-Delphic."

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